Black Corps

The Full view of the Black Corps Armor.

The Black Corps armor is one of the gears avaliable for Points in the shop.It is by far the best armor to be brought for points. Possessing 40 AP and 20% Defence Bonus for the top and bottom of the outfit, having 80 AP and 40% Defence Bonus in total. Level 39 is required to purchase all parts of this armor.

Parts of the ArmorEdit

The Black Corps armor comes in six different parts:

  • Black Corps boots (150 Points)
  • Black Corps Helmet (225 Points)
  • Black Corps Balaclava (225 Points)
  • Black Corps Body Armor (1,100 Points)
  • Black Corps Leg Armor (1,110 Points)
  • Black Corps Gloves (150 Points)

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