Sky Garden

Sky Garden, a Bluebox map.

Bluebox Maps are experimental maps that cmune created the purpose was to investigate new ways to get content into the game quick and leverage large amount of testers to help cmune balance the gameplay in earlier stages of development.

If a bluebox map becomes very popular, it will be an official uberstrike map (with texture and ammo)

As of update 4.3.3 the only bluebox that had ammo was Spaceport Alpha The Bluebox levels are normally the fastest loading maps because of their plain look.

Lately maps hav not been using the blue box format instead they have been grey box such as UberZone

List of bluebox maps:

Sky Garden (Official map as of update 4.3.9)

Fort Winter (official as of uberstrike 4.3.2 update)

CuberStrike (Official as of version 4.3.9)

Tuberstrike (Removed)

Spaceport Alpha (Official as of 4.3.9)

Space City (Still in working)

UberZone (Still in working)