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Roll into Catalyst, a close, medium and long range combat type of map complete with jump pads. Catalyst is where shot guns, MGs, Splatterguns and Cannon users can go wild.

However, It has the same theme on Super Prism Reactor as it is also a nuclear plant.

P.s : When You play good in this map Some noobs would call u Hacker :P IGNORE THEM AND TRAIN HARD

In this map, people can quickly get UberArmor after getting Uberhealth. To best avoid combat is to stay at ground floor.The best strategy is get uber health,then get uber armor and take shorcut going back upstairs to fight again.Player can smackdown or use cannon to eliminate enemies on the long jump pad as it is opposes each side of the map. There are some spot to assist in ambushs.Ammo for specific guns are placed differently.The base of each side is placed parallelly and it meets up diagonally.

Catalyst is back on Uberstrike update 4.6 after removal at update 4.4

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