Cannons are high damaging and slow firing weapons that have splash damage and are very effective in close and mid-range fights. Most cannons fire very slowly, with the exception of the Painzerfaust, which fires very fast but the deals only 40 damage. There are also cannons that are designed for "Rocket Jumping" or using the cannon for jumping very high. One such gun is the Ultima cannon. Although the Ultima Cannon's main goal is "Rocket Jumping" and is not good for combat. The Force Cannon and the Force Cannon Plus are also good for rocket jumping, but reduce your health by a substantial amount.

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Cannon ComparisonEdit

Cañones ROF DMG SPR REC AMM 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Permanent Level
Cannon 1000 65 250 10/25 300 coins

1680 coins

N/A N/A 7,200 coins 8


600 40 200 10/30 N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A

Force Cannon

1400 75 350 10/25 1,170 coins 7280 coins N/A N/A 23,500 coins 28
Ultima Cannon 1000 1000 250 715 coins 7280 coins N/A N/A 14,300 coins 18
Enigma Cannon 1500 100 250 10/25

1,800 coins

6720 coins N/A N/A 35,100 coins 28
Force Cannon Plus 1500 90 300 10/25 4,125 coins 8400 coins N/A N/A 81,125 coins 38
The Love Gun 2000 100 N/A 10/10 N/A N/A N/A
EOS 3249 110 10/25

4125 coins

N/A N/A 81,125 coins 38

See Explanation of Weapon Statistics for help on interpreting this table.

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