Handguns are now unavailable due to UberStrike's new update. All handguns kept before will be refunded.

Similar to the real-life pistol, handguns are close to mid-range weapons that fire bullets at an average speed. A unique type of a handgun is the Spiteful Stinger, which fires darts/arrows instead of bullets. The darts/arrows slow down the affected target and makes it an easier target.Is usually used for last resort.

Rocket jumping It is a good choice to use ultima cannon to rocketjump around the map. It is possible to obtain the uberhealth by rocketjumping. For those players who are lousy players,they can rocketjump onto one of the bunkers and try to shoot at enemies. Hopefully they will not notice you and you can continue shooting.

Handguns are a weapon that deal instantaneous damage, but fire slowly. They ussally deal low to medium damage (at most 2-5 hits to kill an unarmoned person). Handguns also have extremely high points of accuaracy, but are best used at medium range

Handgun ComparisonEdit

Machine Guns ROF DMG ACC REC AMM 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Permanent Level
Handgun 20 67 68 69 70 N/A N/A



Executioner 60
Spiteful Stinger 60 100%
Godfather's Hand Cannon 18 N/A
Beretta N/A
USP.45 Tactical 25 N/A
Bio Lance 20 100% N/A

See Explanation of Weapon Statistics for help on interpreting this table

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