Machine Guns are fast-firing weapons commonly used by players. A bullet from any kind of machine gun only inflicts a low damage, but because machine guns fire very fast, this weakness is not much to worry about. Machine Guns are NOT suited for medium range (with the exception of the M4A1) and long range shooting as they will miss almost everytime. Due to its high firing rate, the machinegun-classed weapons are able to hold more bullets than the average gun, with the possible exception of the AK-47 Normal, which has a capacity of 60, equivalent to that of a single clip.

Instantaneous Damage

Unlike Splatterguns which deal delayed damage, machineguns deal instantaneous damage, in which the bullet does not need any time to travel to your opponent, much like that of a Sniper Rifle and a Shotgun. This would inevitably lead to some loopholes, as machineguns with a sufficiently high accuracy (like the UMG) can be wielded as a very ineffective long-range Sniper Rifle.

Machine Gun Comparison

Machine Guns ROF DMG ACC AMMO 1 Day 7 Days Perm Lvl Lock
Machine Gun 8.7/s 16 HP 85% 100/300 N/A NA N/A N/A

Shadow Gun

10.0/s 15 HP 82% 100/300 N/A N/A NA N/A


11.1/s 16 HP 100%


1650 P / 550 C 9,240 P / 2310 C 49,500 P / 15,900 C 27
Battlesnake 20.0/s 10 HP 73% 150/300 N/A N/A N/A N/A
Sabertooth 20.0/s 10 HP 82% 150/300 1650 P / 550 C 9,240 P / 2310 C 49,500 P / 15,900 C 12
Tec-9 5.7/s 25 HP 88%

C: 50/70

P: 75/100

C: 600C

P: 725C

C: 2,520C

P: 3.045C

C: 17,900C

P: 22,375C 

Uzi 14.3/s 18 HP 76% B: 80/120








SIG 552 1.8/s 75 HP 94%

C: 25/90

B: 40/90

M4A1 9.1/s 22 HP 82%

C: 40/60

B: 60/80

AK-47 8.0/s 25 HP 79%

C: 40/60

B: 60/80

  • Note: Only payment with Points has level requirements. Therefore, N/A means no level lock if the weapon is only purchasable through Credits.

See Explanation of Weapon Statistics for help on interpreting this table


P = Points (when possible)

C = Credits


B = Black Version

C = Classic

P = Pimped Version


N/A = Not Applicable

NiS = Not in Shop

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