In UberStrike there are many different Maps. Here is an Official List of all of them.

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List of all Cmune-made UberStrike Maps.
Map Name Map Type Type Introduced Status Thumbnail
Lost Paradise 2 Sniping Official Map v4.0 Active Map Icon LostParadise 02
The Warehouse Midranged Official Map v3.0 Active Map Icon TheWareHouse
Monkey Island 2 Sniping/Midranged Official Map v4.0 Active Map Icon MonkeyIsland 02
Temple of the Raven Midranged Official Map v4.0 Active Map Icon Temple of the Raven
Gideon's Tower Sniping/Midranged Official Map v4.3.1 Active Map Icon GideonsTower
Fort Winter Close Range/Midranged Official Map v4.3.1 Active Map Icon ForWinter
Lost Paradise Classic Sniping Offical Map v4.3.3 Removed. Map Icon LostParadise 01
CuberStrike Sniping Bluebox v4.3.2 Active Map Icon CuberStrike
CuberSpace Sniping

Official Map

v4.3.7 Active
Uberstrike CuberSpace
Sky Garden Midranged Official Map

v4.3.1b Updated in v4.3.6

V4.3.6 Sky Garden
Space Port α Midranged Bluebox v4.3.3c Active Map Icon SpaceStation
TuberStrike Midranged Bluebox v4.3.1


TuberStrike Layout

Tuberstrike Layout



v4.3.3 Christmas 2011 Removed MerryChristmas
Oriental Kenzo Sniping/Midranged Official Map v3.0 Removed Oriental Kenzo table
Lost Paradise Sniping Official Map v1.0 Removed Lost Paradise table
Hills of Eden Sniping/Midranged Official Map v1.0 Removed Hills of Eden table
Monkey Island 1 Sniping/Midranged Official Map v2.0 Removed

Original Monkey Island. Photo from FFF's Image Cache. v2.0

UberSpace Tutorial Map Special Map for the Tutorial. v4.3.3 Active Map Icon Tutorial
Space City Mid to Longrange Greybox v4.3.7 Active
Space City
The Bunker Midranged Bluebox v4.3.7 Removed for editing.
The Bunker

The Bunker artwork

UberZone Closerange Bluebox v4.3.7 Active
Golden Gun Closerange Special Map v4.3.9 Removed
431253 414618508597193 532047982 n
Aqualab Research Hub Closerange Official Map v4.3.9 Active
Aqualab Research Hub
SuperPRISM Reactor Close/Midrange Combat Official Map v4.3.9 Active

Particle Lance special NO longer available

Ghost Island Sniping/Midrange Combat Special Halloween Map v4.3.9 Removed
Apex Twin Long Range Combat Official Map v4.3.10 Active
522019 506694719389571 855973362 n

The AWP was on sale when this map was realeased

Catalyst Close Range Combat Offiial Map v4.3.10 Active
522140 512345285491181 1493241708 n
Danger Zone Launcher Combat Official Map v4.3.10 Active
945011 517931128265930 1117044442 n


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