Shotguns are powerful weapons that are effective at close range, often taking out opponents in one to two hits, but get progressively weaker as the distance from the target increases. Shotguns do not posses a zoom or other alt-fire function.

Rocket jumping It is a good choice to use ultima cannon to rocketjump around the map. It is possible to obtain the uberhealth by rocketjumping. For those players who are lousy players,they can rocketjump onto one of the bunkers and try to shoot at enemies. Hopefully they will not notice you and you can continue shooting.

Shotgun ComparisonEdit

Shotguns ROF DMG ACC AMM 1 Day 1 week 30 Days 90 Days Permanent Level
Shotgun 1.0/s 100 72% 20/30 385P 35C 2156P


N/A N/A 7,150P/650C 2


0.9/s 132 72% 20/30 525P 350C 2,940P 1,470C N/A N/A 10,500C 12
Firewave 1.0/s 168 68% 30/30 600C 2,520C N/A N/A 17,900C 22


1.5/s 130 50% 30/50 1,425P 475C 7,980P 1,995C N/A N/A 13,900C 23
Pain Hammer 0.8/s 168 72% 20/30 550C 1,995C N/A N/A 13,900C 12

Death Hammer

0.8/s 180 65% 15/30 1,650P 550C 9,240P 2,310C N/A N/A 15,900C Level 37
Oblivion Hammer 0.7/s 225 49% 10/20 600C 2,520C N/A N/A 17,900C N/A - Credit Weapon


1.0/s 100 86% 20/30





N/A N/A 17,900C 32
The Persuader 1.3/s 85 71% 20/30





N/A N/A 17,900 12
Jericho 1.0s 256 9% 16/32 600C 2,520C N/A N/A 6,500C N/A - Credit Weapon
Sawn Off Shotgun 0.5/s 85 86% 20/30 600C 2,520C N/A N/A 6,500C N/A - Credit Weapon


0.6/s 140
SPAS-12 Classic

2.3/s 90 68% 20/30


2,520C N/A N/A 54,000P, 17,900C 32

P = Points

C = Credits

N/A = Not an available option in game.

See Explanation of Weapon Statistics for help on interpreting this table


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