Like the machine gun, the Splatter gun is a fast-firing weapon used for close range battles. The difference is that the machine gun fires faster and that the splatter gun is more of a "spraying weapon." Most splatter guns release  light blue colored energy clusters, with the exception of the Magma Rifle, which only releases light red energy clusters. 

Delayed DamageEdit

Unlike the machinegun, which inflicts instantaneous damage, Splatterguns deal delayed damage. This means that the bullets need  time to travel to your opponent and deal damage. As such, Splattergun wielding can be tricky, as you not only have to pre-empt where your opponent will run, but also of your opponent's velocity ie if he's strafing or crouching etc.Since knockback is added in recent version,It can use be like a stun gun which freeze an opponent by pushing them.


DO NOT stand right next to your target and fire because Splatter Guns have splash damage and can possibly kill you. Splatterguns will have a stat change due to the weekend offer so all splatterguns will have 10.0 per second and 20 damage per hit, even the classic splattergun.

Splatter Gun ComparisonEdit

Splatter Guns ROF DMG ACC REC AMM 1 Day 7 Days 30 Days 90 Days Permanent Level
Splattergun 9.1/s 15 60/200






Vandalizer 10.4/s 21

Mad Splatter

10.3/s 19
Magma Rifle 10.5/s 19

D: 125/400



C: 42,750P


D: N/A

Arctic Rifle 10.0/s 12 100/300 N/A N/A N/A N/A 17,900C N/A
Gun o' War 10.0/s 18 N/A


C = Classic version

D = Dragon Edition version

See Explanation of Weapon Statistics for help on interpreting this table

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