Weapon IconSniper Rifle IconTier 2

Screen Shot 2012-04-30 at 7.54.50 PM
The Deliverator is a sniper rifle that does 10 more damage than the Basic Sniper Rifle. It deals 90 damage per hit and 135 damage per headshot/nutshot. It has almost no recoil at all.

ProMo UberStrike Deliverator

Side-view of the Deliv.

The Hitman BundleEdit

Hitman Bundle Pic

Hitman Bundle

The Deliverator is also available in the Hitman Bundle for $10.00 USD. The Hitman bundle includes, The Deliverator, Sunglasses, Black Suit Pants, Super Spy Jacket, Leather Dress Shoes, 3 Recharable Spring Grenades and The Black Corps Gloves.

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