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EOS Camo

The EOS is a cannon class weapon and the first shoulder mounted weapon ever to be in Uberstrike.

It does 110 damage if the rocket makes direct impact with the target. However, its high damage is balanced by its slow firing rate and its low ammo capacity (7 start ammo). The Eos has a big explosion upon impact, the splash damage from the explosion does less then a direct hit. The Eos camo was released later packing more start ammo (10 Ammo for the start of each life).

You can either win the EOS Camo in the Mystery Box or buy it for 32,500 credits or buy it for 122,400 points after level 38( After 4.4 update).

The EOS is highly similar to that of the M41 SSM Rocket Launcher of Halo with the exception of the reloading, the two rotating barrels when fired, the "SPNK" on the side, and having a different design.


  • The Eos was introduced into UberStrike to celebrate 1 Million Likes on Facebook.
  • After the update, it was removed for a short period of time but is now back along with with the Eos Camo.
  • Sadly the EOS is possibly the least used cannon available in the shop.

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