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Terra Holo and Ectopod Official Release Picture without the sales text.

The Ectopod is a double barrel shotgun recently added to UberStrike along with the new Terra Holo.

This is a high precision shotgun and unlike other shotguns this shotguns shells don't spread as much. Which means the damage is concentrated in one direction.

This gun works well in close and medium range with an acccuracy of 82% and a max damage of 140, at medium range this shotgun can deal up to 112 damage and at

The Ectopod has a starting ammo of 20 and a max of 30

farther range a maximum of 70.

This shotgun works well if you aim toward the abdomen because the bullets tend to spread upwards though if you aim at the head in medium range you can probably still get a headshot.


  • Ectopod is simply a reskinned version of the Firewave. Both bear the same shape and size, the Ectopod having more detailed decor than the Firewave. When you look at it from a third person view, it looks like a firewave. When you hold it, it looks liike an Oblivian hammer, when it reloads, it looks like a Sawn Off Shotgun. Thus it may also be seen as 3 guns combined, with different skin.
  • It is believed that the nme "Ectopod" was derived from the name 'octopod', which means "any of an order (Octopoda) of cephalopod mollusks (as anoctopus or argonaut) that have eight arms bearing sessile suckers" It is however, unknown as to where the "E" came from.

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