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The Enigma Cannon is a Science-Fiction Styled weapon, it's blue in color (as seen in the picture) and covered with a circuit like design. Its projectiles are purple rockets that travel at a slow speed, and explode with a medium splash damage range. A direct hit deals 100 damage. Like Splatterguns the Enigma Cannon blinds the player. However, this time makes a ripple in the screen. It is an excellent weapon for those who can score direct hits the majority of the time.

This gun is not recommended for rocketjumpers due to its devestating power. You'll be at half or less health the moment you try to propel yourself off the ground with this thing. In addition, this cannon offers very little knockback, thus you wouldn't travel far by rocketjumping with this. If rocketjumping is to your liking, the Ultima Cannon would be a great choice.


Although this cannon has a very appealing 100 damage, it still falls short to the other canons due to its slow velocity, small splash radius and as mentioned above, the inability to rocket-jump.However,when used properly it can defeat multiple players. If you're into a faster, high damage cannon, then buy force cannon plus and it is good for rocket jumping too.


The Enigma Cannon is the only pre-4.3.2 cannon to have a different rig from the other cannons, namely the Cannon, Painzerfaust, Force Cannon and Force Cannon Plus.

Although the rocket launched by this weapon explodes with a visually-blinding blast upon contact, the damage radius does not actually extend that far. In that sense, this cannon has often been referenced to as a Flashbang Grenade. Other variants of the Enigma Cannon Include: