Hand Gun


"The original Pre-UberStrike Pistol. Shoots fast and does bonus damage on headshots."

The Handgun is the most basic handgun in Überstrike. It is very cheap and does not have a level restriction. This along with its rapid fire rate, make it a favored choice among rookies. As of the 4.4.1 update, this gun no longer exists.


Gun Damage Accuracy Rate of Fire Max. Ammo
Handgun 25 82 6.7/sec 125
Judge 34 81
Jury 45 81
Executioner 60 94 2.1/sec 50
Spiteful Stinger 60 100 1.4/sec 40
Godfather's Hand Cannon 18 82 8.0/sec 50
USP.45 Tactical 25 94 7.7/sec 75

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