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The Harvester of Noobs is a scythe weapon with a spinal cord for a handle and a skull holding the handle and the wicked sharp blade together.

It isn't the strongest melee weapon in Uberstrike but it makes up for the low damage with a high Rate of Fire (swing rate if you will).

This weapon in earlier versions of Uberstrike did 99 damage per hit, however after being re- introduced into Uberstrike version 4.3.9. It now only does 70 damage per hit.

This weapon is NOT recommended for players going up against armoured opponents and pros. Because it might take two to even three hits to smack down a skilled and heavily armored foe.

They don't call it the Harvester of Noobs for nothing. So for it's name sake use it against noobs. Use it to harvest noobs. It is the bane against unskilled and/or low levelled players.

Price in ShopEdit

  • Permanent: 7,200 coins or 680 credits

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