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Jericho Limited Ediion Yellow

The Jericho is a shotgun-class weapon that was introduced into the UberStrike shop on March 15 2013. It is named after the walls of Jericho because the shotgun literally realeases a giant wall of shotgun pellets, hence the name Jericho.  


The Jericho is now the most powerful shotgun in terms of damage, surpassing even the Oblivion Hammer by 41 points of damage for a total of 256 damage. At point-blank range, this weapon has a 100% change of eliminating any opponent, since the maximum amount of armor a player can carry is 140 (60+60+20= 140.) and in some cases 200 In addition of a base factor (ie health) of 100, this only adds up to 240 units of total health, 16 points short of surviving this shot.

Disclaimer: While this weapon is confirmed to eliminate an opponent in a hypothetical situation, it is not known if the damage will be buffed by a high defence bonus and/or in the case of the player picking up an UberArmor, Uber Health or both(in which, the player will survive a point-blank hit.) It's down factor is that it has an accuracy of 9%, which is insignificant in long or even medium-ranged combat. It does damage in bundles of 8 and apparantly shoots a total of 32 pellets, if you do the mathematics. It also has a very slow rate of fire, making in inefficient in high-mobility face-offs.


Similar to the Annihilator, the muzzle of this gun seems to rotate whenever it is fired. At first glance, the gun seems to resemble a handgun more than anything else. The metal casing of the gun also seems to pivot at an attachment point to the gun, emitting smoke in the proces. It is thought that the gun produces so much smoke when fired that it has to be emitted from all parts of the gun after firing.


Available in Blue and Limited Edition Yellow.

Jericho LE