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M4A1 Classic with Silencer

More commonly known as the M4 Carbine, the M4A1 is a post-4.3.2 machinegun that has recently been released into the shop. Straying from the usual science-fiction design with a touch of UberStrike, this weapon is desgined for realistic FPS gameplay. It is one of the fastest and most accurate MGs in the game, equipped with an iron sight for better aiming. The M4A1 is a must have for any MG user for it's blistering fire rate and great accuracy. Unlike other MGs this weapon has a longer and more accurate shooting range. The M4A1 line right now is the first line of weapons in UberStrike ever to feature silencers. The silencer quiets the load noise that the regular M4A1 would normally make. Other than noise supression, both are the same in terms of statistics. It does 21 damage and 28 on critical hits
M4A1 Black

My M4A1 Black

UberStrike M4A102:31

UberStrike M4A1

Available in Classic, Black, Camo and Tiger. Camo and Tiger can only be won in the mystery box. The silencer versions are also available in the just mentioned colors.

M4A1 Edición Tigre


Together with the AK-47, the M4A1 was introduced into UberStrike in post-4.3.2 times, and was modelled after the real gun itself, the M4 Carbine.

The M4A1 has subtle flashes of light being produced from the bullet-ejection port (the place where empty ammo catridges are ejected from the gun after each shot). This was nerfed slightly in 4.4, but the flashes of light was still there. It is unknown whether the silencer makes a difference to the intensity of the light.

DanCool with his CT Gear and M4A1

In game pic

M4A1 Classic in game

Iron Sights

M4A1 Iron Sights great for precise aiming. So don't complain about missing if your not using them

M4A1 Camo

The picture says it all.

M4A1 4U 4EVA

There was a Valentines Day version of the M4 that is now only available in the bundles section. Say hello to the sister of the famed M4A1, the M4A1 4U 4EVA. This version of the M4 is pink, has hearts and comes wth a silencer. This is the only version of the M4 to NOT include a non silenced version.


Red, White and Blue M4A1
In celebration of July 4th America's birthday UberStrike has realeased THE first ever weapon to have an American paintjob.

The JULY4A1 is an M4A1 colored with the flag of the greatest nation in History The United States of America. This weapon has the same ammo as the Black M4A1. The M4A1 orginated from America, made by Americans for the US Military.

The USA Flag mask was also featured during the sale.

This weapon is only available for Credits it use to be available for only points with no permant purchase but obviously that was changed.

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