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Weapon IconSniper Rifle IconTier 2

The MSR Sniper rifle is an upgraded version of the sniper rifle that features a higher rate of fire, a greater zoom, and and a hefty critical damage bonus. One critical shot is capable of killing a fully armored opponent.  

MSR Sniper Rifle
MSR Infosheet
In-game Stats


Tier 2 Sniper Rifle




16,200 Points/2025 Credits

Firing Type



80 per hit

Critical Damage

200 per hit (150%)

Ammo Capacity


Most Effective at

Mid, Long range



Like the Sig-552, AWP Sniper Rifle , and Spas-12 , the MSR features uniquely skinned variants

MSR Black (Purchasable in the Shop)

MSR Camo (Purchasable in the Shop)

In addition to their unique look, the variants feature more ammo upon spawning.

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