Veteran Masks

Veteran Masks

All 4 veteran mask

The Veteran Masks are awarded to those who are from level 10 to 40 from the Original XP system, which represented a significant commitment to Uberstrike.These items are unique and never to be sold for Credits or Points. 

List of Veteran MasksEdit

  • The Mask of the Chosen (Blue), awarded to those from level 10 to 19.
  • The Mask of the Deathbringer (Orange), awarded to those from level 20 to 29.
  • The Mask of the Dark Prophet (Yellow) , awarded to those from level 30 to 39.
  • The Mask of the Demigod (With UberStrike on its top), award to those at level 40.

Mask of the Chosen (level 10 and up), as seen in the UberStrike Loadout.

[We are currently requesting for veteran players who have the following masks send us a picture of you wearing it in the UberStrike Shop: Mask of the Deathbringer, Mask of The Dark Prophet, Mask of the Demigod, and The Mask of Sanity.]


There are a lot more masks avaliable for Credits including:

  • The Green Knight, avaliable in the shop for 350 Credits (1 Day).
  • The Mask of Sanity, avaliable in the shop for 600 Credits (1 Day).
  • The Golden Mask, avaliable in the shop for 600 Credits (1Day).
  • The Stinker, avaliable in the shop for 32,500 Credits (Permament).
  • The Smiler, avaliable in the Mystery Box section for 3,900 Credits (Permament).

These masks are worth to buy if you have nothing else to spend 32,500 credits on. [Sarcasm intended.]

Flag MaskEdit

There used to be mask that had a countries flag like the USA mask with the USA flag etc. However these mask are no longer available in the shop after the World@War tournament ended.


Even More MasksEdit

The Masks in the picture are also available in the store however these masks are only available for credits.

From right to left,

  • The Totalist (Green mask with Star)
  • Rat Rod
  • The Eroder
  • Mask name unknown
  • The Bitmask
  • The Manly Mask

Holwoeen MasksEdit

During holloween Cmune realeased limited edition mask to celebrate. These masks are no longer available but this information is soley for the purpose of archiving.

Limited Edition Jonny5 MaskEdit

On the 19 of April 2013, in celebration of the new space in the Creative Corner forums, Jonny5 went online for an hour in different games asking questions, the first person who answered got the limited edition "Jonny5 Mask" at no cost for permanent. Read more:
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Johnny 5 Mask

Full credit goes to JUST82000 for providing us with this photo.