Rocket jumping It is a good choice to use ultima cannon to rocketjump around the map. It is possible to obtain the uberhealth by rocketjumping. For those players who are lousy players,they can rocketjump onto one of the bunkers and try to shoot at enemies. Hopefully they will not notice you and you can continue shooting.

"The last resting place of the feared pirate Captain Bradford Pegleg. The forgotten island is rumoured to be home to Bradford's treasrue and was once a place of worship for the tribe of the Monkey Kin'
Map Icon MonkeyIsland 02
g. Nowadays, it is home to adventures, splatting others for dear life."


shame on you 

Common StrategiesEdit

Some players jump at the top of the large monkey statue in the map, it has a great view of the surroundings but the player might be noticed from time to time. The player, if lucky enough, can also jump to the hot air balloons. The view is more spectacular in the hot air balloons but the only thing that makes it hard to snipe is the movement of the hot air balloons. The hot air balloons circle the map, so you might as well be prepared that the balloons move.Another strategies that experience players use is to dive underwater and snipe your enemy on land.This has it advantages and disadvantages. the advantage is that they will not expect a sniper hiding there and if your enemy finds you , it will be harder for them hit from land because you can move in three dimention but when he comes into the water there is escape route if you turn right where you where facing the beach and lose the enemy in the cave or if you have a launcher equipped it will no problem for you to kill him.The disadvantages is that it is very difficult to see your enemy and recommend using this strategies for professional player who is good with a snipe rifle and have a sharp eye.

Otherwise player use various other hiding spots on the map such as the island which is located far away from the mainland.


  • This map has 2 uber Armours unlike all the other maps.
  • There are 2 suns in the map.
  • If you use the SplatterGun  to shoot at the sun, you will block out the sun.

Ghost IslandEdit

Cmune realeased a halloween version during October 2012 called Ghost Island.

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