The Particle Lance, or PaLa to the community, is a fast-firing beam sniper rifle. The Particle Lance does not have a scroll zoom, but has a crosshair reticle even when unscoped. Wvhen fired, the Particle Lance produces a light beam of greenish blue, giving away the player's position but achieving high damage with high accuracy. The Particle Lance is a close to medium range weapon, and should not be used while camping at long range because it directs fire from those whom you are not aiming at upon sight of the beam.
Particle Lance Firing

Firing the Particle Lance

Mystery BoxEdit

The Particle Lance can also be won in the Mystery Box for the low price of 1,300 credits. You can either win it for rent or win it permanently. Unlike the tiger colored weapons chances of getting the Particle Lance permanent are higher.


Damage: 105 (50% critical hit bonus)
ProMo UberStrike Particle Lance

Side-view of the Partice Lance.

Accuracy: 100%

Ammo: 25/50

Rate of fire: 0.7/s

Special EditionsEdit

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The Particle Lance is also available in:

Particle Lance Dragon Edition

Particle Lance Snake Edition

Arctic Lance

Alternate VersionsEdit

The Fusion Lance is a modified version of this weapon that trades the recticle for a zoomable scope and a red laser. The Initial Zoom Factor of the Fusion Lance is the same as the Deliverator.

The Annihilator is an upgraded and stronger version of this weapon with a completely different look and a higher damage rate, Although it's ROF is very low. It's also alot cheaper

Dragon EditionEdit

Particle Lance Dragon Edition

Particle Lance dragon Edition

This version of the Particle Lance has a different paint job, orange laser, more starting ammo and makes a different sound then the regular Particle Lance when fired. Other then that this weapon's stats are exactky the same as the regular Particle Lance's.

Arctic LanceEdit

The Arctic Lance is a recolored version of the classic Particle Lance. As you can tell from the picture on the right it has a cool ice crome exterior that is very similar to the Arctic Rifle's exterior. This weapon also comes with 50/50 max start ammo and it has a different firing sound then the regular Particle Lance. Other then the exterior, start ammo and firing sound of this weapon it's stats are exactly the same as any version of the Particle Lance it just has a slightly different name. The Particle Lance is the first sniper weapon to have an alternate arctic version of it's self no other sniper weapon has an alternate arctic version.


Juggernaut Elite

Juggernaut Elite Bundle

The Particle Lance is also included in the Juggernaut Elite Bundle. The Particle Lance has a dragon edition that is included in the Dragon Destruction Bundle. The Dragon Edition has a different look and sound but is no different in damage.

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