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I want to make the rules of the wiki very clear to any new comers.

1: Do NOT make duplicates of already existing pages they will be deleated.

If you have information for an already existing page then add it to that page.

Just because you call it something different does not make it different.

Example: M4A1 Page already exist then you go and make a page called The M4A1 MG, The M4A1 MG page will be instantly deleted.

2: No deleting information off of pages.

Unless you find inaccurate information then there is to be NO deleting.

3: You will be blocked for stealing information or for vandlism to the wiki.

Allow me explain this in detail.

If you go to a page then copy and paste all that information to another wiki and withOUT the orginal writers permission let alone consent you are in violation of the wikia rules as (this is the same for any other wikia) I will block you on the spot. Recently one wiki member started doing that and I blocked them

If you do what someone like Gold Wing tried and that is delete ALL information from a page then replace it with curse words  I WILL block you automatically and prevent you from making ANY new accounts as well as edits to this wiki. The only thing you will be able to do is write on your own page, nothing else.

On top of that I WILL reverse any damage as if nothing happned.

4: No FALSE information

No false or inaccurate information. All false and inaccurate information will be deleted.

5: Make an account

This is NOT a requirememnt but make an account for yourself. With a wikia account you can earn points for your edits and get notifictions of any messages that have been sent to you.

Follow these rules and you should be fine.


Due to constiant vandlism by some AWCs I am now locking some of the pages until further notice. If you want to edit a page that is locked then you will have to sign in to do so.

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