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The Shadow Gun in game.

The Shadow Gun is a Machine Gun class weapon. It can be bought for 1,425 Points/day. However, the player must be level 13 to purchase it. It does 15 damage and has 10 Rate of Fire. It is strongly recommened to buy if the player use Machine Class weapons mostly in games. The Shadow Gun was also included as a permenant weapon in the Neo Bundle for only $5.00. It was also a pick up weapon on the map Aqualab Research Hub.

The Shadow Gun is no longer available in the shop for purchase.

Even though it is no longer available, the Shadowgun is one of the most common weapons you will see, that you will be unable to purchace, as other players would have owned it permanently before its removal.


The Shadow Gun was unlocked when the player reaches Level 13. The following are the prices of the Shadow Gun when it was in the shop, but it is no longer available. 


This gun used to be a favourite amongst novices before v4.3.8 was released. This gun dealt 15 units of damage and had a slightly higher rate of fire than the basic machinegun. Generally, this gun was an upgrade to the classic machinegun, as it dealt 2 units of damage more than the default machinegun in exchange for a lower accuracy. This gun was favoured over the classic machinegun by novices who seeked upgrades to their machinegun.

However, in v4.3.8. the basic machinegun was given a buff, and dealt 16 units of damage instead of the previous 13. With the new update, the Shadow Gun has thus became inferior to the machinegun, as it had lower accuracy and lower damage output. The Shadow Gun has thus became a forgotten gun, and is rarely used today. The only place where this gun is most commonly seen being wield is in Aqualab Research Hub, where this gun is available as a pickup.

How to BuyEdit

Was avaliable in the Neo Bundle. It was also a prize in one of the Mystery Boxes. No longer available.

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