Spring Grenades
Spring Grenades are small, useful tools that allow you to rocket yourself in the air, without having to shoot yourself! Normally, the only ways to get airborne are with spring/jump pads, or shooting yourself with a cannon. Think of Spring Grenades as portable jumping pads, that allow you to jump wherever you want.

There are a couple of ways to buy them

In the old version, you bought them for either 1 Day, 1 Week, or permanentely. The way that this worked was that you bought X amount for X number if days, or permanenently.

In the new version, you buy a certain amount. What I mean is that you buy either 10,100 or 1000 uses. You get to keep those uses forever, but you only have a certain amount, and then you have to buy them again. FYI, any one of those numbers, you can buy with Points.

There are a few tactics for Spring Grenades, but the main one is that you can mainly use then for collecting HP and AP in heard to reach areas. Rocketing yourself up in the air is generally considered to be a not appreciated strategy, as you can easily just not get damaged. This will also result on the user becoming more dependent on springs.

These are a few of the many tips there are, and I would like to end this on just one quick note. If you happen to just not like springs, well never fear, because there is a weapon called the Ultima cannon. It rockets you up like a spring, and it does only 8 damage to you, but 20 to the enemy! Use this if you really want to rocket jump a lot.


  • Spring grenades are no longer avaliable for permanent purchase or packs.
  • they now sell in single use in the shop
  • Rechargable Spring Grenades are only available in bundles like The Hitman bundle.
  • It is currently 79,200 Points in the shop