This part of the article should be about the overall stats of the weapon. If the weapon is an "improved" version of another, this section should sum up the differences.

The overview info-box
Weapon Information Picture
Above should be a picture of the in-game stats


Tier # Weapon class


(Level requirement)



Firing Type

Automatic/Semi-Automatic single fire/triple shot/spread/grenade/rocket


(Damage) per hit, or in the case of explosives, up to (Damage)

Critical Damage

(Critical Damage)(Critical Damage Boost%), or in the case of no critical damage, put "None"

Ammo Capacity


Most Effective At

Close/Mid/long Range, may be a combination of


This part is for a detailed explanation of the weapon. If it is a basic weapon, then give an overview of what makes unique compared to other classes. If it is an "upgraded" weapon, i.e., a higher tier, then give a quick recap of the weapon's characteristics, and then what statistics are different. It should also provide a quick summary of the weapon's role.

The second paragraph of this section should generally include drawbacks of this specific weapon, weaknesses, which situations are impractical for use, and so forth.

Another paragraph may be added in this section for special information, summing up, or additional information.


This section should include information on efficient use of the weapon, as well as good combinations with other weapons. (See the Sig-552 page for examples).


This section should have a brief list of skinned variants of the weapon, if available. If there are no variants, then don't create this section.


This section should have a list of examples of maps best suited for the weapon, and a list of those unsuitable.


  • This section should be written with bullet points, and should contain information that does not fit into any of the other categories.
  • All information should be presented formally without referring to the reader or writer, ie, no "I" or "You" should be used.
  • Used images involving a player must have no armor or cosmetic items equipped, and should not have a visible name.
  • Slideshows should be used for official art, while galleries should be used for screenshots.
  • For examples of this format, look at the Sig-552 page or the Sniper Rifle page.

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