Layout Overview Edit

I have gone ahead and made separate category pages for most of the weapon classes, along with pages for each weapon & i still dont care. (;

Weapon Stats Box Edit

Just listing data to include in the weapon statistics box.


Damage per projectile

Headshot Damage (maybe include other types of body damage)

Rate of Fire

Accuracy Spread

Ammo (in form of start ammo/maximum ammo)



Level Lock

Price in Points: (day/week/month/3 months)

Price in Credits (no lvl lock): (day/week/month/3 months/Permanent)

Simon1700 11:41, June 7, 2011 (UTC)

I have updated pre existing pages (like the stats board for the shotguns) and added new pages and photos for some of the new stuff in Uberstrike (AWP Sniper etc).


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