• RadicalKrayZ

    Life Updates.

    June 3, 2013 by RadicalKrayZ

    It has almost been 2 months since I last edited the UberStrike wiki. 2 months of inactivity. 2 whole months.

    I really wonder what the other editors think of me. Honestly, I have to tell you that we're a very small community of editors. The only active people now are RexDiamond and Darrathulin [no offense if I spelt it wrong, bro.]

    Me? I'm merely a seasonal editor. I come and go, come and go.

    When I leave, I can leave for months without anyone hearing of me. Hey, high school exams and projects are really tough nowadays.

    But when I come back, I immediately set to work editing pages, the only justification of my actions being my temporary presence. Sometimes, even I'm not sure whether what I'm editing is right or not.

    Take for example, RedlinerLEH…

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  • RadicalKrayZ

    Splattergun Buffs!

    April 12, 2013 by RadicalKrayZ

    In movement of the recent flurry of new weapon and armour releases, CMUNE has decided that the time has come to balance a certain weapon category in UberStrike. That weapin category is none other than the Splatterguns. Yes, Splatterguns have now been buffed, and a huge discount is given to all Splatters for this weekend only. Let the noobs rage and blind our screen with Splattergun cells! Read more --->

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  • RadicalKrayZ

    UberStrike recently launched the Arctic Lance and the Stratos Suit Armour. Surprisingly enough, I don't find any interest or excitement with the recent new UberStrike launches. Nor did the UberStrike community, for that matter.

    But come to think of it, did it really come as a surprise? The Arctic Lance is basically a retextured, recoloured variation of the Particle Lance with a different *frosty* firing sound, so to speak. While the Stratos Armour may look cool, it offers the same armour calibre as Counter-terrorist gar, Lucius the Cruel, Baron, Sergio Sanchez, as well as the millions of other armour types that offer 60AP and 10% DB. Seems as though UberStrike simply loves 60AP/10%DB. Either that, or they just want us to go crazy by making …

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