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  • RexDiamond

    Decimal: 1454812405
    ISP: British Telecommunications
    Organization: British Telecommunications
    Services: None detected
    Type: Broadband
    Assignment: Dynamic IP
    Country: United Kingdom
    State/Region: London, City of
    City: London
    Latitude: 51.5142  (51° 30′ 51.12″ N)
    Longitude: -0.0931  (0° 5′ 35.16″ W)

    Honey Lane, UK London.

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  • RexDiamond

    Some of you might have already noticed this but someone had the nerve to stop by here and delete all the information off a few pages. I just repaired 2 of the pages.

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  • RexDiamond

    Stop stealing the credit

    January 29, 2013 by RexDiamond

    I saw your last comment that spammed up the SPAS-12 page that I (RexDiamond known in game as Dan Cool) made. Your a noob in this wiki and from the looks of it a noob in UberStrike so don't come around here taking credit for a page that you didn't even make and acting like your going to fix this wiki like you own it. Alot of people pitched in to make pages I came by here every single day to make edits and create pages then you just get here and decide 2 steal credit that belongs 2 me and the other others I don't think so.

    I made the SPAS-12 page because I own 1 in UberStrike permanetly I'll bet you don't.

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  • RexDiamond

    Dude I just saw ur comments spamming up the SPAS-12 page and almost every other page that has a comment section. My main point keep them 2 your self because u have not done 1 thing for this wiki in a while. U have been gone for so long that I actually managed 2 surpass ur score on the leaderboard.

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  • RexDiamond

    Uberstrike Wiki

    August 26, 2012 by RexDiamond

    Welcome to Uberstrike Wiki a data base (still in progress) that is ment to help people learn about Uberstrike. I'm RexDiamond but in Uberstrike I'm known as [TFUSA] Dan Cool the leader of Tactical Force USA. This blog is for discussing Uberstrike and all its features.

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